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It's Simple,
We love animals

We love dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, snakes and turtles. When you bring your pet to our clinic, we share in the delight your pet gives to our world. We take time to know you and your pet. We believe the health and well-being of your pet is essential to the happiness of your family.


Our priority is high quality care and satisfied pet owners. Caring for your pet is an honor and privilege we take seriously.


About Us

At Santa Fe Animal Hospital we are committed to bringing the newest and best veterinary practices and techniques to our community. Our modern facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology, an in-house diagnostic lab and pharmacy, and state-of-the-art digital radiography.


Dr. Brent Parker has been a veterinarian since 1988 with over twenty years of practicing in Santa Fe. He opened Santa Fe Animal Hospital in 2000 to address the specific needs of Santa Fe's pets and their owners.


Alternative and
Integrative Medicine

Holly Johnson, DVM offers alternative and integrative veterinary medicine services at Santa Fe Animal Hospital on Wednesdays. Dr. Johnson sees Santa Fe Animal Hospital patient referrals and her existing patients. Dr. Johnson has been a veterinarian since 1992 and began practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She blends her 17 years of Western medicine experience with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy, and osteopathy. Please call us to schedule an appointment or to learn more. Read more about Dr. Johnson at her website.





Heartworm Prevention

Summer is approaching and the mosquitoes that transmit heartworms will soon be active, but this potentially deadly disease is preventable.
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Heartworm Prevention
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Plague and Tularemia

Use a flea preventive and keep your pets from roaming and hunting

Following several articles in the summer and fall, plague remains in the news. According to New Mexico Department of Health: "Plague is an infectious disease of animals and humans caused by a bacterium named Yersinia pestis. People usually get plague from the bite of a rodent flea that is carrying plague bacteria or by handling an infected animal. Although plague is a rare disease, about half of US cases each year occur in New Mexico."


Revolution is a flea and heartworm preventive. See current Revolution promotions.


Plague Confirmed in a Dog in City of Santa Fe, August 14, 2015
The New Mexico Department of Health is investigating a confirmed case of plague in a dog living in the city limits of Santa Fe. The dog was most likely exposed to plague by infected rodents and their fleas while walking with its owner along the Santa Fe River between Frenchy's Field and Siler. Read article, including details on prevention and symptoms.


More on plague and tularemia, from the Santa Fe New Mexican
"Rain's downside: A rise in disease-carrying rodents," August 14, 2015. Read article.


Additional information from CDC